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The Ultimate Fluency Study Guide (UFSG)

A self-guided online course that unlocks the secrets of learning English!

    1. Before You Begin

    2. Let's Begin!

    3. About TES and How to Use this Study Guide

    4. Myths & Tips

    5. The Basics: Spoken English

    6. Optional Purchase: 1:1 Zoom Coaching Sessions

    1. The Basics: Vowels

    2. Get Ready

    3. Schwa

    4. Practice: Schwa

    5. E as in Beg

    6. Practice Tip!

    7. Practice: E as in Beg

    8. I as in Big

    9. Practice: I as in Big

    10. U as in Bug

    11. Practice: U as in Bug

    12. A as in Hat

    13. Practice: A as in Hat

    14. O as in Hot

    15. Reminder: Big O

    16. Practice: O as in Hot

    17. Summary and Resources

    18. Quiz

    19. Please Share Your Thoughts

    1. The Basics

    2. N

    3. Practice: N

    4. Warning!

    5. R

    6. Practice: R

    7. L

    8. Practice: L

    9. TH

    10. Reminder: TH

    11. Practice: TH

    12. F

    13. Practice: F

    14. V

    15. Reminder: V and F

    16. Practice: V

    17. W

    18. Practice: W

    19. B

    20. Practice: B

    21. M

    22. Practice: M

    23. Message from TES : )

    24. T

    25. Practice: T

    26. SH

    27. Practice: SH

    28. S

    29. Practice: S

    30. Summary and Resources

    31. Quiz

    32. Please Share Your Thoughts

    1. The Basics

    2. Basic Rhythm

    3. Practice: Basic Rhythm

    4. Extra Stress

    5. Practice: Extra Stress

    6. Message from TES : )

    7. Thought Groups

    8. Practice: Thought Groups

    9. Intonation

    10. Practice: Intonation

    11. Summary and Resources

    12. Quiz

    13. Please Share Your Thoughts

    1. The Basics

    2. Rule 1: Link Vowel Sounds to Vowel Sounds

    3. Practice: Rule 1

    4. Rule 2: Link Consonants to Vowel Sounds

    5. Practice: Rule 2

    6. Rule 3: Link Consonants to Same Consonant Sounds

    7. Reminder: Word Linking

    8. Practice: Rule 3

    9. Rule 4: Link Consonants to Same Consonant Movements

    10. Practice: Rule 4

    11. Rule 5: Link Short Consonants to Different Consonants

    12. Practice: Rule 5

    13. Rule 6: Link D, N and T to TH

    14. Practice: Rule 6

    15. Rule 7: Link S to TH & TH to S

    16. Message from TES : )

    17. Practice: Rule 7

    18. Rule 8: Link Long Sounds to Any Sound

    19. Practice: Rule 8

    20. Rule 9: Link Words by Changing Sounds

    21. Practice: Rule 9

    22. More Practice #1: Word Linking

    23. More Practice #2: Word Linking

    24. More Practice #3: Word Linking

    25. More Practice #4: Word Linking

    26. More Practice #5: Word Linking

    27. Summary and Resources

    28. Quiz

    29. Please Share Your Thoughts

    1. Message from TES : )

    2. The Basics

    3. Articles

    4. Practice: Articles

    5. Plurals

    6. Practice: Plurals

    7. Prepositions

    8. Practice: Prepositions

    9. Message from TES : )

    10. Present Tenses

    11. Practice: Present Tenses

    12. Past Tenses

    13. Practice: Past Tenses

    14. Future Tenses

    15. Practice: Future Tenses

    16. Conditional

    17. Practice: Conditional

    18. Common Mistakes

    19. Practice: Avoiding Common Mistakes

    20. Summary and Resources

    21. Quiz

    22. Please Share Your Thoughts

Course Details

  • 62 videos & 51 text lessons
  • 48 practices & 5500 audio clips
  • About 3 to 6 months to finish

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Only learn useful English so you won't waste time on things you'll never use in conversation and learn new things you've never been taught before!

Focus on pronunciation & speaking
A unique approach that finds your specific weak areas and targets them with effective speaking-practices for maximum improvement.

Private lessons on Zoom are available
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Your individual needs and weak areas will be assessed, targeted and fixed. You'll only learn what you need to know for best results.

Professional and expert teaching
Certified teacher, 12+ years of experience, native English speaker (Canadian), unique teaching method, and great results for every student!

Kind Words from TES Clients


For the 1st time, I’m speaking real English, & I’m motivated!

by Yeonji (Lindsey)

Hello! I have been in Canada for 5 years, and I’m going to graduate from college this year (2022). Like most people, I thought I would naturally learn English if I studied abroad! However, my English didn’t magically grow as I imagined it would just by living in an English-speaking country. In fact, it was hard to speak English. As my confidence kept dropping, I created an environment where I could live without English by hanging out with my Korean friends, shopping in the Korean area of the city and staying quiet in class. I realized that if I didn’t change, I would always hide from using English but then what would have been the point of studying abroad. I wanted to pursue my dreams in this country, not limit myself with a language barrier, so I decided to find a tutor. I’ve taken other English classes before, but I didn’t learn anything new. Either the teachers would review content that I already knew or they understood what I was saying, even though I made many mistakes, and would move on without correcting me; so, I just paid for the opportunity to speak English, but I don’t think I got any better. I even studied on my own through shadowing native speakers online, but I didn’t know if I was doing it correctly, so I ended up creating some wrong speaking habits.

I’ve been taking Joe’s lessons for 3 months. The class is focused on speaking and pronunciation, and teaches many new things that I’ve never learned before; it made me wonder why I had only heard of these things with Joe and never before at any of the private tutoring or various language schools that I attended. When I say a sentence, Joe doesn’t just try to understand the meaning of it and move on, but he teaches me what I did wrong and how I could’ve said the sentence differently, like a native. Little by little, I’ve been gaining confidence in my English by coming to know what I was pronouncing wrong. Now I can adjust and correct myself as I talk. I still don’t think I’m done improving, but I think I’ve taken a small step forward. For the first time, I’m speaking real English, and I’m motivated to learn more. I did really well to study with Mr. Joe. As always, thank you teacher, and I will continue to study with you!

Pronunciation is more important than grammar!

by Tomo

Every time I took Teacher Joe’s class, it was like scales falling from my eyes. First, at a regular language school, the basics of pronunciation are not taught well or not at all. Japanese tend to focus on the pronunciation of R and L, but we don’t realize that the pronunciation of A and other vowels are a bigger challenge. By taking teacher Joe’s class, I was able to learn how to pronounce every problem sound and use them in conversation. Also, if I made a mistake in pronunciation or grammar while speaking, he immediately corrected it. I didn’t believe Joe in the beginning when he told me pronunciation was more important than grammar, but it’s true. If your grammar is correct, but your pronunciation is wrong then you won’t communicated clearly. However, if your pronunciation is correct, you can still say what you want to say, even if you have some grammatical mistakes. In addition to improving pronunciation, Joe also teaches “real English”, like useful vocabulary, simple grammar and natural speaking ability. If you want to speak English, make sure to learn the basics of pronunciation and take Joe’s lesson!

I improved my IELTS speaking score from 6 to 8!

by Kohei

Joe’s lesson is arguably the best one in Toronto. The lessons are balanced and improve all areas, like: pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, fluency, etc. Before meeting Joe, I was really impressed with my English ability, but then I realized I had a lot of problems with pronunciation. I had opportunities to talk to other tutors, but the only person who could fix my mistakes was Joe. In fact, I was able to stretch my IELTS speaking score from a 6 to an 8. Without any doubt, I was only able to get this far with Joe’s teaching. I definitely recommend Joe’s lessons to everyone.

I was surprised at how many new things I learned!

by Keiko

I have attended four language schools because I was never satisfied and kept searching for better classes. I thought the quality of a language school depended on its students and the atmosphere of the classroom. Now I realize my thinking was incorrect; I should have looked for a school that gave me better results. When I first started taking Joe’s lessons, I was surprised because I learned new things that were completely different from the language schools I attended. Not only did he teach me pronunciation but how to speak in a more native way. I remember thinking that this was the English I wanted to learn. I was delighted by Joe’s enthusiasm and unique teaching style. He made learning English fun again and helped me speak English simply instead of having to translate Japanese expressions. I am very happy to have learned more practical English and more effective ways to study.

I improved my listening on TOEIC from 220 to 420!

by Kazumasa

When I first arrived in Toronto, I went to a language school. However, I didn't feel like it was fun or interesting, so I stopped immediately and looked for a new school. I found TES where teacher Joe corrects pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar mistakes instantly and continuously. I also highly recommend this class for those who want to improve their listening. He said that if I can't hear sounds correctly then I can't pronounce them correctly. After taking Joe's lesson, my TOEIC listening score increased from 220 to 420!

I learned to pronounce English like a native!

by Satoko

When I came to Canada on a working holiday visa, I had trouble with English. Of course, I didn’t have any vocabulary or grammar, but my pronunciation was the worst. I couldn’t convey simple words and went to various English school trials without any results. TES was really helpful because my pronunciation was thoroughly corrected, and my speaking improved. I would never have learned how to pronounce English like a native without taking this class. TES focuses on pronunciation and speaking, and Teacher Joe will explain any grammar that you do not understand. I was really happy to take this class. Thank you very much!

I was shocked at how much I needed to be corrected!

by Saaya

I went to a language school for about two months. Afterwards, I took a TES lesson, and I was shocked at how much I needed to be corrected every time I spoke. I don’t think there are many teachers, like Joe, who can make such corrections so carefully. Unlike other ordinary language schools, TES knows what Japanese people stumble on and what they are not good at, so lessons are specialized accordingly, especially in pronunciation. Thanks to TES, I can understand native speakers more than before. If you are going to a language school like I did and have a hard time improving or want to learn English well, I recommend taking Joe’s lessons.

Now I can speak English with confidence!

by Masako

Joe was a wonderful teacher. It’s really difficult to pronounce English sounds correctly, especially all the vowels (a, i, u, e, o). However, Joe thoroughly and clearly explained how to pronounce everything, so all I had to do to improve was follow his instructions. He said that if you can pronounce a sound correctly, then you will be able to hear it correctly. At first, I was skeptical, but it was true. At first, I couldn’t understand native speakers. In Japan, everyday words such as “lemon”, “milk” and “level”, sounded quite different when spoken by a native person, and I often couldn’t understand them. As I started going to TES and practicing, I gradually improved my pronunciation and was able to understand native speakers. There has been a more dramatic change at TES than at my previous ESL school. Joe was a really wonderful teacher. I was very lucky to have him teach me English and help me improve a lot. Now I can speak English with confidence. My listening has grown dramatically too. If you want to learn real English, I recommend taking Joe’s class!

I finally got unstuck!

by Yoshiko

I left my previous ESL school halfway through, so I could go to TES. At my old school, I didn’t feel like my language skills were growing. To be honest, I thought my previous school was a waste of money, and I could have had the same experience at a free language exchange. At TES, my pronunciation and grammar mistakes were always corrected during every lesson. In fact, he relentlessly pointed out every mistake (laugh). Eventually, the repeated corrections helped me to improve naturally, resulting in the correct use of articles and plurals. I noticed many of my pronunciation mistakes, like TH, R, F, etc., also improved. Lastly, Joe always taught me patiently even when I kept forgetting the meaning of the same words because of my poor memory. I believe I developed good speaking habits and would recommend TES, especially for those of you who feel stuck at the intermediate level.

I got custom lessons that targeted my weak areas!

by Minami

Joe patiently corrected me every time I made a mistake, especially in pronunciation and grammar. Joe helped me feel confident speaking in English. Thanks to Joe, I realized that even though I understood the grammar in my head, it was another matter whether I could automatically use it correctly in a conversation. I felt Joe was different from other tutors and online English conversation classes because he targets your weaknesses, and helps you thoroughly learn the basics of English, so you build good speaking habits. I felt that my weakness in English gradually diminished, and now I can communicate well. Even though, I took a limited number of lessons, I improved and noticed the difference. Don’t regret your English; take Joe’s lesson.

Toronto English School's founder and teacher

Imagine if you had an expert teacher to finally solve your speaking problems and fix your stubborn mistakes.

Imagine getting customized strategies for your specific learning needs instead of studying from a standard textbook or online videos.

Imagine no more wasted time on uncommon English and only learning what you need to know for fast improvement.

Imagine never having to translate in your mind before speaking, never having to repeat yourself and never being misunderstood.

Hi! I’m Joseph, and it's great to meet you!
I would be honoured to fix your speaking problems and guide you to English fluency.

Certified teacher: B.Ed. from the University of Toronto
12+ years of teaching experience
Patient, professional and friendly
Makes English easy to understand and loves inspiring students
High success rate, fast improvement and life-changing results

If you have any questions about my online English pronunciation and speaking course (UFSG) or about my private online lessons, please text me at 647-887-6755 or email me at [email protected]
English teacher

More Kind Words from TES Clients


TES is like a boxing gym

by Kouhei

Think of TES as a gym; not a regular one that focuses on weightlifting and building muscle just for appearances but a boxing gym where there is sparring and boxers improve their skills every day. When I first arrived at TES, my English was bad so I couldn’t communicate well. Teacher Joe corrected every mistake I made and challenged me. I didn’t want to make as many mistakes the next day, so I started practicing on my own. I was like a boxer who became motivated to do what was necessary to improve his skills, like developing proper technique, to avoid being beaten in sparring matches. I studied at home, but I also started talking to strangers and going to stores pretending to be a customer so I could experience and practice as many conversations as possible. After enough sparring, training and practice, a boxer’s body begins to move automatically. Please, come to TES and spar with Joe in English. At first, you will make many mistakes, but after enough practice you will speak automatically. My description is a bit scary and intimidating, but Joe is very kind. In fact, Joe kept in touch with me even after I went back to Japan. This would never happen at other schools.

My English finally became easy to understand, even by native speakers!

by Kotomi

First of all, I highly recommend Joseph’s lessons to all English learners who are struggling to acquire "usable English". Even though I experienced English conversation classes in Japan, online English-conversation lessons, local language schools, and popular English teaching materials, I couldn’t speak English in a way that was easy for others to understand, especially at my Canadian work-place with my colleagues and clients. I discovered Joseph's lessons when I had already lived in Canada for over a year. In Joseph's class, I thoroughly learned the basics of pronunciation and received detailed advice on how to practice on my own. By learning "how to move my mouth" and "how to link words", my English finally became easy to understand, even by native speakers like my co-workers and clients. Even now, I regularly practice what Joseph taught me and use it to maintain my English level. Thanks to Joseph's patient corrections each time I said a mistake, I was able to correct my English little by little. Whether you are in the middle of learning English or a beginner, I think this lesson will be useful for everyone who wants to be able to speak "usable English.”

After TES, I regretted going to my previous language school

by Yui

I went to another language school for three months, which I applied to from Japan before coming to Toronto. When I was at my previous school, I was satisfied and was glad to go. However, after going to TES it all turned into regret because I realized that my English hadn’t improved at all during the previous three months. As other students have written, I felt messed up at first, but after a month or two, I felt my English had changed. I had a lot of things to do every day, but it wasn’t hard as long as I thought I could continue improving and speaking English. If you go to TES, you will definitely improve your English, especially your speaking!!! I recommended it (* ^ o ^ *)

Joe has wonderful lessons!

by Takahiro

I took Joe’s lessons for about 2 months while I went to a big language school for 6 months. His lessons consist of pronunciation correction, grammar and conversation. I regret that I didn’t take Joe’s lesson from the beginning, instead of going to a big language school. His lessons are wonderful, especially for Japanese. Every time I made a mistake, I was corrected immediately. As I took lessons, I became more conscious of my weak areas and practiced them repeatedly with Joe. It is a lesson where you can thoroughly practice where Japanese stumble, so you can feel that your English is improving. I highly recommend Joe’s lesson.

My pronunciation improved!

by Yuzo

Thanks to Joe I improved, especially my pronunciation. Teacher Joe is aware of the shortcomings of Japanese when speaking English, and always points them out and corrects them during conversations. Teacher Joe was very serious about teaching me, and always started classes on time. I would recommend teacher Joe’s classes for: ・ People who want to improve hearing and speaking ・ People who want to communicate better even though they speak simple English ・ Those who want to correct their pronunciation in a short time. I am really glad I took his class.

I learned practical English!

by Ryuji

If you go to TES, you will be able to learn proper pronunciation and practical English. When I started going there, I realized I couldn’t pronounce English properly. If you’re stuck or are struggling to learn English, it’s definitely worth studying at TES. I think it’s a perfect school for motivated international students.

My speaking and listening really improved!

by Kokoro

Joe was the best teacher. I’m really lucky to have come to Toronto, so I could study English with Joe. I didn’t feel my English improving at my first language school, so I started studying with Joe hoping to learn more. Joe is kind, but he is really strict about pronunciation. Thanks to Joe’s enthusiastic teaching, my English has really improved. Now I can speak English with confidence. My listening has grown dramatically too. If you want to learn real English, I recommend taking Joe’s class!!

I only learned what I needed to know to improve!

by Yurie

I took Joe’s private lesson once a week and there was no wasted time, not even a second. There was plenty of helpful content to learn, like correct pronunciation, how to reduce grammatical mistakes and how to talk smoothly like a native speaker. Also, there were a lot of chances to practice talking. I was in an advanced class at another ESL school, but - after taking Joe's lesson - I realized in retrospect I had always misunderstood basic grammar and common vocabulary. Joe will help you correct your mistakes and give you good study habits, so you don’t have to worry about losing your English skills after returning to Japan. As other students have said, if I had met Joe earlier, I would have saved myself a lot of wasted money and time at other schools. If you want to improve your English in a short time, I recommended TES.

I discovered my speaking weaknesses!

by Hyeon

I can read and write English to some extent, but my speaking skills are not very good (perhaps it is the side effect of the English education in Korea for the purpose of succeeding on the entrance examination…^^). I needed conversation and practice, and I came across Mr. Joe’s lessons. He focused on speaking, was faithful to the basics, boldly pointed out what was wrong, and taught me well so I could do it. It was helpful because I was able to receive tips necessary for good daily conversation and pronunciation, and advice for job interviews. I couldn’t continue studying with Mr. Joe because I got a job, but I would like to thank him with all my heart.

Joe is an amazing teacher!

by Yuya

Joe is an amazing teacher! He tutored me when I first came to Canada when I didn’t even know how to pronounce the sounds of the alphabet. When I started going to college, I got really busy and had to stop taking his lessons, but I planned to retake them again one day. Two years later, I asked him to help me prepare for General IELTS because I was happy with his teaching style. As I already said, Joe is a great teacher. In fact, I would say that one of the reasons I could graduate college was his tutoring. He’s a reliable teacher who is open to any questions and explains English in a simple way that’s easy to understand. I assume we will have a long relationship as a teacher and student but also as friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions?
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  • What's included in the Ultimate Fluency Study Guide?

    The one-time purchase of the Ultimate Fluency Study Guide gets you the following:
     > The tools & knowledge to change your English & get unstuck
     > 7 modules: Vowel Power, Consonant Confidence, Stress and
       Intonation Success, Word Linking like Native
       Speakers, Basic Grammar Habits, Useful Vocabulary,
       Conversation Tips & Challenges
     > 62 video lessons, 51 in-depth text lessons, 48 interactive speaking-
       practices, over 5500 audio clips and resource pages

  • Is this study guide for everyone?

    The Ultimate Fluency Study Guide (UFSG) is specifically designed to help Asians succeed at learning English and become fluent, but the principles can be used by any nationality.

    The UFSG and 1:1 coaching sessions are only in English, so they are not recommended for absolute beginners. You will need at least high-beginner or low-intermediate English to be able to follow and understand the study guide or coaching lessons.

  • What is the difference between The Ultimate Fluency Study Guide and other online English courses?

    Unlike other English courses, the UFSG has full support available when you buy 1:1 coaching sessions on Zoom.

    The UFSG was designed to target common speaking (pronunciation, intonation & basic grammar) problems, not take a standardized textbook or general approach. Also, the focus is on useful English, not low-priority English, so your time will not be wasted.

    The USFG's very different approach to teaching English is based on pronunciation, word linking and other essential speaking elements; grammar is not the main focus. Also, you will learn new concepts and techniques that you have never been taught before.

  • When can I join? How long will it take to finish the study guide? Is the schedule flexible?

    The UFSG is self-guided, so you can join any time!

    The UFSG has 62 video lessons, 51 text lessons and 48 practices. On average, it takes about 3 to 6 months to finish the UFSG online course.

    You get immediate access upon purchase and there are no deadlines. You can customize your study schedule and study at your own speed.

    If you decide to buy 1:1 private lessons on Zoom, you can book your sessions from Mondays to Saturdays, days and nights, depending on availability.
    Sessions cancelled under 24 hours' notice will be lost. Sessions can be rescheduled with more than 24 hours' notice.

  • Would my employer pay for the UFSG or 1:1 Zoom lessons?

    Yes! Many employers pay for their staff's professional development, especially to improve communication skills. In other words, better pronunciation and increased speaking confidence helps employees contribute to the company's success and get promoted. Invoices and receipts are available by request.

  • Can I buy extra 1:1 coaching?

    Yes. You can buy 1:1 Zoom coaching whenever you like and as often as you want.

    Zoom sessions cancelled under 24 hours' notice will be lost. Sessions can be rescheduled with more than 24 hours' notice. Book Zoom lessons from Mondays to Saturdays, days and nights, depending on availability.

    Unused private lessons will expire after 1 year from the purchase date, and will no longer be valid or honoured.

  • Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

    Yes, there's a money-back guarantee for the UFSG.
    If you are not completely happy with the UFSG, for any reason during the first 14 days after purchase, you will be given a full refund with no questions asked.

    Refunds are not available for 1:1 private lessons on Zoom. Unused private lessons will expire after 1 year from the purchase date, and will no longer be valid or honoured.

  • What kind of support will I get in this course?

    The UFSG is a self-guided online course, so it does not include 1:1 coaching on Zoom or email Q&A. Email support is only available for technical difficulties.

    1:1 private lessons on Zoom can be bought separately if you need or want full support and teaching guidance. Unused private lessons will expire after 1 year from the purchase date, and will no longer be valid or honoured.

  • What happens if I don't finish the study guide?

    Since there is no fixed schedule or deadlines, you can take your time finishing the study guide.

    If you are unsure that the Ultimate Fluency Study Guide is right for you, feel free to email any of your questions to [email protected] or schedule an online course tour.